Terms of Service INBOX FUN

Welcome to INBOX FUN!

     INBOKSS, Ltd, hereinafter referred to as Inbox, offers you a new service called Inbox Fun, hereinafter referred to as the Service in conformity with the following Service Regulations, hereinafter referred to as Regulations, which INBOKSS, Ltd can alter or expand from time to time, without giving special notice.

     Inbox Fun is a product of Inbox, that gives the opportunity of sharing funny video, photo, audio files, as well as text jokes, as well as of getting to know the other users through their funny stories.
Size of one video, photo or audio file cannot exceed 512MB.
Length of a text joke cannot exceed 1000 symbols.
Overall number of jokes is not limited.

The following Regulations apply to the Inbox service Inbox Fun.

1. Accepting the Regulations
   a) To use the Service, you have to accept these Regulations.
   b) If you use the Service, you confirm, that you are over12 years old.
   c) If you accept these Regulations, you agree and understand, that the Service shall be offered as is and that Inbox is not responsible for any delay, removal, or failure to deliver or store any personalized information.

     These Regulations shall hereinafter serve as a legal grounds of the co-operation between the user and Inbox. Whether a guest or a registered user, you are obliged to honestly comply with these Regulations.

2. Activity of the Participants
    You agree and understand, that you are responsible for all contents which you post online or otherwise make available through the Service.
    Please, carefully consider the contents of all information that you post within the Service.

You agree not to use the Service in order to:
   a) post any content that is illegal, malignant, threatening, abusive, connected with torture, harassment, is defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, pornographic, hateful, interferes with another persons’ privacy or if it entails claims on racial, ethnic or other similar grounds;
   b) offend minorities in any way;
   c) distort names or otherwise manipulate identification information with the purpose to conceal the origin of any posted material;
   d) post any information whose contents you have no right to publish according to legislation, contract or custody regulations (for example, information designed for internal use, private and confidential information, which became known or disclosed to you in the course of work relationships or on the basis of a signed nondisclosure agreement);
   e) post any information whose contents violates any patent, trade mark, trade secret, copyright or other ownership rights of any third party, without a specific written consent of the owner of such materials or information.
   f) post files that contain computer viruses or any other computer codes, files or programmes, designed to interrupt, destroy or restrict performance of any computer software or equipment, or telecommunications equipment;
   g) intentionally or through negligence violate any existing Latvian or international laws.

     There is a possibility, that despite these Regulations, some users shall post materials with the aforesaid forbidden contents. Inbox shall not be responsible for any such illegally posted materials.

     You admit and agree that Inbox can block or open access, if the law so requires, or if it is considered, that this is necessary in order to:
     a) act in conformity with legal procedure;
     b) follow the Regulations;
     c) respond to the claim regarding violation, by some of the contents, of the rights of third parties;
     d) protect rights and property of Inbox, or personal safety of Inbox, its users and society.

     Inbox reserves the right to forbid, refuse, delete or not post any contents of the Service, if Inbox experts consider such contents to breach the Regulations, as well as temporarily bar or restrict access to the Service with or without notice to any user. Inbox shall not hold itself responsible for any effects or consequences of such barring or opening.
     Inbox shall not be obliged to filter inappropriate and improper contents within the Service.
     In case of illegal activity, criminal liability can be enforced.

3. Advertising
     You agree that
fun.inbox.lv can contain commercial advertisements.

4. Co-operation with Advertisers
     Any correspondence or business activity with Advertisers within the Service, shall take place solely between you and this Advertiser. You agree that Inbox shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss or expenses, arising as a result of any such business activity or because of the presence of these Advertisers within the Service.

5. Global nature of Internet
     The Service, as well as the third parties, can offer links with other places and resources of the World Wide Web. Inbox does not control these places or resources, therefore you admit and agree, that Inbox shall not be held responsible for accessibility of such external places or resources, and shall not be held responsible for any contents, advertisements, products or any other material, offered or available in these places and resources. You also admit and agree, that Inbox shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for any loss or expenses, connected or potentially connected with use or reliance upon any contents, products or services, available from such places or resources, or through them.

6. Procedure for handling applications and proposals

User has the right to contact SIA “INBOKSS” with submissions, proposals or complaints concerning the services provided, or their shortcomings, and to receive a substantive reply.

Submissions, proposal or complaint may be made:

Use e-mail: support@inbox.lv or by mail by letter to us at SIA "INBOKSS" Req. Nr 40003560720, 15 – 2 floor Matrozu street, Riga, LV-1048, LATVIA

The complaint will be dealt with within 15 working days from the day of the complaint, with the reply sent to the address of the communication indicated in the complaint.

If a complaint is found to be unreasonable and you do not consent to the recognition of the complaint as unfounded, you have the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in regulatory enactments by submitting a written application for a service to Extrajudicial Resolution of the dispute by indicating:

  • Name, contact information;
  • The filing date;
  • The nature of the dispute, the claims and the reasons for them.

Online Dispute Resolution:

Information about Extrajudicial Dispute resolution options and Extrajudicial For dispute-settlers:

If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to support@inbox.lv