Upload of the files

To upload files to the Inbox Files, You need:

  1. using the login form on the home page Inbox Files, log into Your profile
  2. to click on "Select files"
  3. at the top of the boot manager check or select folder where You want to save files
  4. You need to click on the "Add Files" button to select needed files
  5. to press the "Start Upload" button to add files to the boot manager.  Please note, the download of large files will take some time. Status of the downloading files You can see in the bottom of the boot manager.
  6. When all files are downloaded, You will see the message: "All files uploaded successfully"


If the files You add are in the same directory on Your computer, all of these files can be added at once in the boot manager of Inbox Files. To do this, press Ctrl on the keyboard and hold it. Select the required files. Release the Ctrl key and continue uploading of the files.

In case you did not find your answer, please write to support@inbox.lv