File sharing

To share one file:

  1. click on the file name
  2. in the drop-down menu, select "Edit sharing"
  3. then click "Start sharing"

To share multiple files:

  1. check the box next to the file You want to share
  2. Click on "Share" link in the upper panel.

You can also change status of file by clicking on a icon in a column "Shared". Click on the icon "Allow" to make file become public, You will see the message: "File sharing started".

When files are publicly available those are designated by icon , closed to public access - designated by icon .
When You share one file, above the file list You get a message containig the link to the shared file. You can follow the link to download file, or copy link and send it to a friend.

Once the files have become available, You can send those to Your friends and acquaintances, as well as post a link on the Internet to download these files. For more information visit "Link to file" or "Share and send."


If you made a file publicly available then this file will receive a unique public address and there is a minimal chance that the file can be distributed on the Internet without your participation even if you did not send a link or access to this file to anyone.

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