Share and send the file

To share and send one file:

  1. click on the file name
  2. in the drop-down menu, select "Share & send"
  3. in the "e-mail addresses", using comma, specify e-mails of the recipients. You can also select contacts by pressing the "Show / Hide Favourite Contacts", where You will see a list of Your favorite contacts  used in the Inbox Mail. You can edit this list in a "Contacts" in the Inbox Mail.
  4. optionally, You can write a message to the recipient/s too
  5. in the end click "Send!" button
  6. an email with a link to Your file will be sent to these addresses

To share and send multiple files:

  1. check the box next to the file You want to share
  2. click on "Share & send" button in the upper panel
  3. then perform step 3, 4, 5, described above for sending a single file



Shared files become public, and the download link can be forwarded on without Your permission.

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