I forgot my password


If You have forgotten password to Your mailbox, You can restore it by one of 3 password restore methods - secret question, mobile phone or alternative e-mail address. More about password restore by these methods You can find here.

If you can’t remember the password or you can’t restore it using available techniques, to make sure that you are the owner of this certain e-mail, please write the following information:
1) Your name and surname;
2) Birth date;
3) Possible answers to the secret question;
4) The phone number to which you would like to receive your new password (phone number + country code);
5) The IP address from which you most frequently visit your email. You can find out your IP address, visiting this link - http://test.antivirus.lv ;
6) Mailbox name which requires a password;
7) List of the addresses to which you have sent an email or recipients from which you have received messages in your mailbox (all received information will be used OLNY for password recovery process).

If Your user profile contains data only for password restore using secret question, then it is strongly recommended that after password restore You enter all needed data for password restore using mobile phone and alternative e-mail address, so in future You will have more possibilities to restore password without any problems in case if You forget answer to the security question!

In case You have any issues with any of these methods, please contact Inbox.lv technical support.

In case you did not find your answer contact us