Managing several mailboxes

1. Activating several mailboxes
Inbox Mail mobile application allows users to work with unlimited amount of mailboxes without additional authorization for each mailbox.

In order to use this functionality, You need to:

  • Open the application from one of the accounts;
  • Tap on the left upper icon on the screen (near the folder's name);



  • Click on your username and choose Add account;




  • At the start page enter login and password of account you want to add;
  • Press Sign in and you will see added account in a list:

2. Disabling mailbox

If You need to disable mailbox, previously linked to the apllication, perform following:

  • Make sure, that You are currently using the application from the mailbox, that needs to be deactivated. In other case, change the mailbox by choosing the right one from the accounts list;
  • Press left Menu button on the phone and select Logout. This mailbox will further be disabled.

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