How to change notification signal

If You use notifications for new incoming messages, You can set the notification signal on Your phone:

  • Log in to the mobile application with Your username and password;
  • Tap on the Menu icon on the top right of the screen;
  • Select Settings from the context menu;




  • Tap on the Notification tone in the Notification tone;
  • Select the signal from the list and tap Ok — You've changed Your notification signal.

    Attention!  Depending on the phone, by default for the notification tone there can be set Default notification sound  mode.




If you want to receive or vice versa - set vibrations for incoming messages, then:

  • Log in phone Settings -> Apps -> -> Notifications and set the necessary;
  • Or in other phone models can do this as well: Phone -> Settings -> Sounds, or Phone -> Settings -> Notifications.

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