If you send the letter and it returns back to you with error – it means that the letter was not delivered.


Each letter contains an error code which permits to understand the problem and how it can be solved.


In case if you independently can’t to understand how to fix this mistake, than contact us specifying the the full error message text as well as e-mail address of user to which you wanted to send a message.

1. Check if these letters aren’t already in your mailbox. Check all the folders, especially folders – Subscribed, List, Spamand Trash. When you check the folders, use the search in the upper right side.


2. Open Settings, section Filtersand make sure that specific reciever or domain are not in the list of email addresses, witch for example, are automatically deleted.


3. Perhaps for a long time you have not used your mailbox and it became inactive. Log into your mailbox through the web page and ask to message sender, if he can send you message repeatedly.


From the person who was sends you a message, find out if after sending the letter, it came back with text - letter is not delivered. If such a warning has come, there is definitely written a reason, why letter is not delivered. Please forward this notification letter to us.


4.Pay attention to size of the mailbox - perhaps it's full. Clean the mailbox and ask to resend the letter.


! ! If these methods not topical to you, write to usyour question and this kind of information – from which addresses must come the letters, what is the topic of the letter, date and time of dispatch.

Check all mailbox folders, especially folder "Trash”.  Messages can be accidentally deleted from folders as well as from the "Trash". If messages are deleted from 'Trash'', then in this case, try to restore the deleted letters from Trash of the last seven days.


! Perhaps all new messages was collected by POP3 / IMAP protocol assistance. If you use MsOutlook, theBat or other programms in your mobile phone or other device - these programs by default, collect all your messages and don’t leave a copy on your Inbox server.


Check the POP3 / IMAP program settings. If you want to keep copies of the messages in your inbox, than go to Settings and choose the parameter “Leave a copy of messages on server”


! We do not exclude the possibility, that someone has obtained your user profile password and deleted all messages. We recommend you to change your password, secret questionand answer to it.

If you have deleted messages from the folder, go to "Trash" and use the search form who is located on the top corner to find the necessary deleted posts. If the letter was found, restore it to folder "Incoming”.


If you delete messages from the folder "Trash” (or repeatedly press to clean the trash)  deleted messages of the last seven days can be restored back.


If you clear the entire contents of a folder for example the Spam folder or any other in this case, letters are deleted immediately without trading in Trash. These letters can’t be restored.

Inbound message filtering by categories "Incoming", "Subscribed", "Social" and “Spam” is done automatically based on the company's internal rules and algorithms.


If you consider that the content of the letters (for example, invoices, airline tickets, online purchase approvals, information about the new password, etc.) should be in the folder "Incoming" let us know, giving detailed information about:

  • Mailbox name, where are the letters which was automatically moved to folder "Subscribed" or "Social"
  • Message date of dispatch
  • Message topic
  • Mailbox address from which were sent these messages to users

! We will check this information and send you letter in reply containing a message about how to deal with this situation.

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