{"882":{"qid":"882","question":"Unustasin parooli ja salak\u00fcsimuse vastuse","language":"lv","answer":"

Kui olete unustanud parooli ega suuda seda k\u00e4ep\u00e4raste meetoditega taastada, siis saatke meile j\u00e4rgmised andmed, mille alusel saame kindlaks teha, et just teie olete postkasti omanik:\u00a0<\/p>\r\n\r\n

  1. enda ees- ja perekonnanimi;<\/li>\r\n\t
  2. s\u00fcnniandmed;<\/li>\r\n\t
  3. salak\u00fcsimuse v\u00f5imalikud vastusevariandid;<\/li>\r\n\t
  4. mobiiltelefoni number, millele saadame teie postkasti uue parooli. Parool saadetakse tekstis\u00f5numina;<\/li>\r\n\t
  5. IP-aadress, millelt te k\u00f5ige sagedamini oma postkasti sisse logite. IP-aadressi saate t\u00e4psustada j\u00e4rgmise lingi kaudu: https:\/\/test.antivirus.lv;<\/li>\r\n\t
  6. selle postkasti nimi, mille parooli vajate;<\/li>\r\n\t
  7. nimekiri aadressidest, millele v\u00f5i millelt on teie postkastist kirju saadetud.<\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\n

    !<\/strong><\/span> Saadud andmeid kasutatakse VAID postkastile juurdep\u00e4\u00e4su taastamiseks.<\/p>\r\n","catid":"283","domains":["1"],"visible":"1","question_type":"0","keyword":""},"886":{"qid":"886","question":"Can I change my username?","language":"en","answer":"

    You can\u2019t change the username. If you want different username than you need to register a new mailbox<\/a> with a new username and impose incoming mail forwarding<\/a>\u00a0to\u00a0the new e-mail address.<\/multidomain><\/p>\r\n\r\n


    !<\/strong><\/span> Keep in mind that you need to enter into your e-mail box at least once in 9 months using a http:\/\/www.inbox.lv\/<\/a><\/multidomain> page. Otherwise, the mailbox will be inactive<\/a> and after some time it will be deleted, without the possibility to restore it.\u00a0<\/multidomain><\/p>\r\n","catid":"283","domains":["1"],"visible":"1","question_type":"0","keyword":""},"885":{"qid":"885","question":"Deleted mailbox recovery","language":"en","answer":"

    Before you recover your deleted email box, check if the mailbox is already open for new registrations.<\/p>\r\n\r\n


    1. If the mailbox is already open for new registrations, then you can\u2019t restore it.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

    2. In case if username is not yet available for registration, contact us<\/a>\u00a0and write in message information about a mailbox that you want to restore, when it was deleted, and if you remember, then write what was the mailbox password. <\/span><\/multidomain><\/p>\r\n\r\n


    !<\/span><\/strong>\u00a0<\/span>When we receive your letter, we will answer you if this mailbox can be restored and which information we need from you.<\/span><\/p>\r\n","catid":"283","domains":["1"],"visible":"1","question_type":"0","keyword":""},"888":{"qid":"888","question":"Kuidas saab parooli muuta?","language":"en","answer":"

    You can change the password, entering your user account, \u201cSettings<\/strong>\u201d and \"Change Password<\/strong><\/a>\"<\/multidomain><\/p>\r\n\r\n


    !<\/span><\/strong> Remember that the password<\/a>\u00a0is the most important way to protect your user profile. You should not compile easily guessed password, never use the same passwords for registration to several internet portals, and never reply to letters with a request to send your users profile password.<\/a><\/multidomain><\/p>\r\n","catid":"283","domains":["1"],"visible":"1","question_type":"0","keyword":""},"884":{"qid":"884","question":"Minu parool ilmub postkasti sisse logimisel automaatselt","language":"lv","answer":"

    To clear the username and password that automatically appears at the moment, before you log in your inbox<\/multidomain>, You need to delete records and passwords which is stored in your browser.<\/p>\r\n\r\n


    ! <\/span><\/strong>Find out how to do it on your browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer<\/a><\/multidomain> <\/a><\/p>\r\n","catid":"283","domains":["1"],"visible":"1","question_type":"0","keyword":""}}