How to save files from message to PC

When You open message with files attached, You’ll see these files as a thumbs. Every file type has different color thumb with filetype on it. Images also are shown as thumbs with orange top and „Image” type.

Messages with the attachments in the incoming messages’ list are marked with clip next to the subject of the letter. When You open message, attached files are layed in the bottom of the message text.

It is possible to save all files at once to Your PC as a zip archive or even to the such freeware services as Inbox Files or Inbox Foto (for pictures).


If You want to see the preview of the images, You have to click on the preview icon  (to hide pictures you have to click on the hide icon - ).

Click on a button „Save all” to save files as zip archive.

But You also can save files one by one. To do that:

  • hover mouse over the file You want to save,
  • Click on the icon of needed option – „Download” , and for pictures still „View image” .

If You better like to view attached files as a list, You can switch to the list view by clicking on the „List view” - 

In this mode You also can save files one by one or all at once the same way as it is mentioned above.


To go back to the thumb view, choose „Thumbs view” - .





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