Upload via FTP

Faster than photo or video upload using DSL connection can be done by upload with FTP server foto.inbox.lv. This is upload of photo and/or video files using FTP protocol.

To upload files using FTP, You need a FTP client as Internet Explorer, FireFTP (Mozilla Firefox extension), Filezilla, etc.

To upload photos by Internet Explorer You need to:

  • open ftp://foto.inbox.lv
  • on a keyboard press „Alt” button,
  • in a menu choose “View” and then press “Open FTP site in Windows Explorer".

  • enter username and password, which You use to login into Inbox Foto,
  • then drag and drop (or copy and paste) photos.

Adding photos to a special "FTP" album happens in a few minutes after closing the connection. It's enough to close the window or press the "Disconnect" button (if you use FireFTP or FileZilla).

A tip:

Use Passive Mode if Your computer is running  a Firewall.


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