Upload via mobile phone

Camera-aquipped mobile phone owners can send photos or videos directly to the album located in their account on Inbox Foto by sending e-mail to the direct album's e-mail address. To do that it is required to make sure Your mobile phone is connected to GPRS and you can send e-mail.

To upload photos via mobile phone, You need to:

  • make a new e-mail,
  • as a recipient in address field ("To:") enter an e-mail of your album on Inbox Foto. For that - from the page with the list of all Your albums click on the status of the album. In a new opened window You can see the address of the album under "E-mail of current album".

  • it is important to add ohotos to the letter as an „attachment”.
  • Your photos will be added  in a few minutes after letter is received. Photos will be added to the album, which adress You entered in a field „To:”.

In case you did not find your answer, please write to support@inbox.lv