Terms of use of the chat

Chat - instant messaging tool for computer network in real time using special software.

  • Chat in Section of Inbox Games is designed for direct communication between the players;
  • This is a public chat;
  • All information placed in the chat belongs right to their respective owners. Inbox.lv is not responsible for the content of published information and has no relation to it;
  • For violations of the rules of conversation, including the publication of false information, the user will automatically be blocked without warning;


  • Offending of the other participants of the chat, their honor and dignity;
  • Any actions that violate individual rights or the law of the Republic of Latvia;
  • The flood chat prohibited. Flood is the frequent repetition of identical (or very similar), unthought or meaningful messages. In the end, is any sequence of the information flood or not - is determined by the moderators of Inbox.lv portal;
  • False information publishing, which could harm third person – as material, as moral;


  • Inbox.lv does not offer paid services for the sale of games to download to Your phone!
  • If You are faced with such information and are planning to buy any game, recommended to verify the veracity of the information. Please contact directly the company SIA "Inbokss".
  • If You encounter in a chat with false information that brought You the damage, You have the rights to refer the application to the police.

In case you did not find your answer, please write to support@inbox.lv