Public testing and installation of beta version team invites everyone to participate in public beta testing of mobile app in order to ensure quality work on all devices regardless of devices’ specifications and other factors.

Beta testing allows You to be among the first to find out more about the new version, assist in improving the quality of the product being tested, receive technical support, express Your wishes, as well as communicate directly with the developers and other beta testers on a special forum via the link!forum/inboxlv-mailapp-for-android-beta-testers.

To join the beta testing team of mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Join the Google group « MailApp for Android Beta Testers»

  • log in with the Google account which You currently use for Play Store and which will be further used for mobile app testing,

  • confirm Your intention to join the group and set the necessary settings.

If You see « MailApp for Android Beta Testers» in Your groups list, then You have successfully joined the group. Congratulations!

  1. Become a mobile app tester

  • click on “Become a tester”. You will receive a tester’s status and beta version will be available for download,

  • install the beta version by clicking on «Download from the Play Store».  Attention! Definately use Play Store to open the link!

If mobile app was installed on Your phone, then You have successfully installed the beta version. Congratulations! Use the beta version as usual.

Do not forget to report bugs!

Please report any errors or requests using the feedback form in the app settings. You can also write letters to or leave Your comments on the Google forum for this group, using new or existing topic.

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description of it along with the steps to reproduce and specifications of testing device.

Remember, the test application is a beta version, which may not work quite consistently and correctly. If for some reason You want to stop testing mobile applications, You can do so at any time. To return to a stable version of  application, follow these steps:

  • Tap on «Leave the test». This action will cancel the tester's status for the Google account,

  • Delete the test version,
  • Reinstall the stable version from Play Store.


If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to