Cookie usage

INBOX uses cookies to save interface settings, count page visitors, help users use INBOX services, protect user data, as well as to display the most suitable ads or remembered user ad settings.
Types of cookies used by INBOX

1. Settings

Using these cookies, INBOX websites store information that changes the website's functionality, default settings and appearance.
By losing the information stored in the preferences cookie, the use of the website may be with default settings, however the website will still function.
From the browser, this cookie is sent along with requests to INBOX sites. A cookie contains a unique identifier that INBOX uses to store user preferences and other information.

2. Security

INBOX uses security cookies to authenticate users, prevent illegal use of information for fraudulent purposes and protect user data from unauthorized third parties.
INBOX uses cookies named "SSID", which contain electronically signed and encrypted records with the user's INBOX account identifier and the time of the last login. Using these two cookies at the same time can block various types of attacks, such as attempts to steal the content of forms entered by the user on web pages.

3. Process

By using process cookies, the website can function and provide services (a cookie called "has_flash" is used to support the Flash game).

4. Advertising

INBOX uses cookies called "bx" to display advertising to users. Cookies are used to display advertising based on user interests, user data (age and gender) and to avoid repeated advertising to the same user.


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