Internet fraud protection


To avoid a criminals attempt to access user private data (phishing) suggests to:

  • Check the web sites address in the browser before logging in. The address must be
  • Remember that does not send messages to Your e-mail from unofficial Inbox mail. And do not react on such e-mails in case You have received one.
  • Inform user support service (call or write to e-mail) in case You have received a fraud e-mail letter that has been written on behalf of

Note that phishing is not the only way to steal Your personal data. So it is preferable to take into account the standard safety procedures, such as:

  • Always use „secure connection” so that data written by You would be sent in cipher.
  • Do not use easy passwords. It is preferable to use in password both – letters and numbers.
  • Do not use similar passwords in different Latvian internet resources.

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