Red-eye filter

Red-eye effect - this is a false color of the pupils in the eye when using flash to make a photo. This filter automatically detects and eliminates the effect of the"red eye".

Important! The menu with all the effects is placed above the photo when you preview the single picture. When this menu is hidden, you will see only the title - "Effects". To expand it, you have to click on the title. Then you'll see all the effects, you can use for your photos.

In order to apply this filter:

  1. open the album, and then select the photo;
  2. in the menu, select "Red Eye Removal";

  1. in a preview window you can see the result of this filter,
  2. if you like the result, press "Save" to confirm adjustments,

  1. if you changed your mind and want to apply another filter, press "Cancel".


At the moment it is impossible to use the effects for RAW and video files.

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