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Inbox Foto allows You to order prints of digital photos of size 10x15 cm over the Internet.

Photo print ordering over the Internet allows You to:

  • save Your time and money - uploading photos to the Internet, You have to pay only for photo printing. You don't have to come to the store to place an order.
  • to control printing of Your photos.

Ordering photo print, You can:

  •  select the type of paper (glossy or matte);
  • specify the number of copies for a single photo;
  • choose to print with a white border or without it;
  • choose how to crop (crop photos to fit exactly or not);
  • choose where to deliver the order.Professional photo printing is made by Fotolukss, but printed photos can be picked up at any branch of Latvijas Pasts in the whole territory of Latvia.

Cost of the order depends on the number of images:

  1. If the order quantity is more than 50 photos, the price is 0.10 EUR (0.07 LVL) for a photo;
  2. If order quantity is less than 50 photos, the price for a photo will be 0.13 EUR (0.09 LVL).


For printing are suitable photographs that reguest following specifications:

  •     File Format JPEG;
  •     minimum file size 50 Kb;
  •     maximum file size 6 Mb;
  •     width or height of file is more than 500 px.

To order photo prints, You should:

  • in any album select the required photos and click on "Send to print" icon above the list of photos on the left side 

  • Selected photos are automatically moved to the shopping basket, which You can enter by clicking on the "Print Order":

  • to indicate the number of copies in the shopping basket.Number of photos (or copies) for a single order must be at least 30.
  • select the type of paper - glossy or matte and also choosea framing,
  • include your name, surname, identity number, place of delivery, as well as the address, to which notification should be sent.
  • press the "Place order" and then confirm Your choise by clicking the "Place order" button again

  • select prepay by Swedbank, SEB,creditcard or PayPal.
  • pay for the order, having made an advance payment by transfer.


All Your sent ordersand the status of implementation can be seen in the "Print history" section:

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Print order