Sorting of photos

Sorting is the ordering of Your photos or videos in ascending or descending order. You can sort your photos or videos in four ways:

  • by file name;
  • by uploading date;
  • by views;
  • by rating (counted by the amount of positive votes).

To change the sorting way set by default (which is set to be by rating), click on the drop-down list, which is next to the "Move All" option and select the preferred, for example: "Ascending: by date." The changes will be saved automatically.

You can also use a manual rearrange for the photos in the album:

  • enter your account and choose "My albums",
  • open any album,
  • open the photo you need,
  • hover your mouse over the "Options" and choose "Manual Rearrange",

  • Use your mouse to move photos,

  • then click "Save" to save new photo layout,
  • after that in the opened album, below the list of photos in the drop-down menu "Sorting" choose option "Author".

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