Remove from bookmarks

Bookmarks - is it a special album, where You can easily access to the photos or videos, which You have bookmarked.

To remove oneore some photos from the favorites:

  1. enter your account and choose "My albums",
  2. open album "Favorites",

  1. check one or more photos you want to delete from favorites,
  2. press "Remove from favorites" button layed above the list of all photos in this folder.

  1. photo will be removed from the folder "Favorites", but You will see the message "Removed from favorites successfully".

You can view the photos You have bookmarked as a Slide Show. For that You have to enter the "Bookmarks" album and to press  "Slide Show" button:


Photos, which are in the album "Bookmarks" are not available for photo print.


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Remove from Bookmarks