Cleaning the folder

There are several ways to clear the entire contents of a folder.

1. method (recommended):
1. Go to Mail Settings and then on the left side  select the “Folders” section;
2. Move mouse over the folder whose contents you want to delete completely.
3. Icons will appear next to the folder name.
4. Click on the "Purge this folder" icon.
5. After clicking, a warning appears - click "Purge". Letters after deletion will be moved to the "Trash".


2. method:
1. Select a folder in the menu on the left.
2. Mark all emails on this page.
3. Then click on “Delete”, after which all letters from the selected page will be moved to the “Trash” folder.
4. If there were a lot of letters in the folder, repeat these steps for each next page until there is not a single letter in this folder.

(!) In order for the deletion of letters to move faster, we recommend setting the maximum display of letters on the page in the mail settings - 100 letters.



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