How to use forwarding


You have an opportunity to forward Your emails to another adress even as to get notifications about incoming mail on your mobile phone. There are 2 ways to forward messages:


1. To forward messages to another e-mail adress or to activate SMS alerts, go to „Options” and then choose „Email forwarding, mail programs, SMS alerts”. Enter email adress, where to forward Your incoming mail, but in case of SMS alerts enter your mobile phone e-mail adress, depending on mobile operator (more detailed information is availiable when activating service).


After you enter all needed information, press „Add”  and then „Save options”.

2. After e-mail address is entered, the notification about verification will be sent to  the specified address. After user approves forwarding to his address, he will be able to receive a forwarded letters from your account. *till address is not verified, you will see it in your list marked:

3. To activate message forwarding from a certain sender, go to „Options” and choose „Filters”. Fill in all rewuired information (e-mail adress of the sender, whose messages you want to forward, also e-mail adress where to forward messages)  and press „Create” button.

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