How to add your flash game to inbox games portal?

To add Your game to the Inbox Games portal, there is no need to do anything special! Send us Your game on e-mail, taking into account the following technical rules:

  • we need SWF file of Your game to be placed on the server;
  • You have to specify the recommended size of the game window;
  • You must add the initial image of the game, with the size of 120x90px;
  • in the end of the game You have to add the button "Play Again", which loads the game from the beginning.

Rules of posting:

  • placement of the game - free of charge;
  • term of the accommodation - unlimited;
  • Update of the game on the Inbox Games portal takes place every Friday until noon.

About Hi-Scores:

  • If the author of the game wants to keep Hi-Scores on the Inbox server:
  • in the game it is necessary to ensure the result, consisting of the integers (whole numbers), for example, 5647.
  • in the game must be builded our hi-score code:

    var lv = new LoadVars();
    lv.gameid = _root._url.substr(_root._url.lastIndexOf("/" ) + 1, _root._url.lastIndexOf(".swf" ) - _root._url.lastIndexOf("/" ) -1 );
    lv.action = "submitscore";
    lv.score = _root.score;
    lv.sendAndLoad("submitscore.php", lv, "POST");

    ,where the  _root.score is a whole number (or hi-score whole number, defined by the game author, for example, _root.points or hiscore - depending on how it was named by the author of the game).

If You have any technical questions or You need more information, please contact us by e-mail:

In case you did not find your answer contact us