Can not login in my mailbox


It might be that you are typeing wrong username or password. Some advice:

     - there is a differnece between small and capital letters;
     - check if the CAPS LOCK is inactive;
     - the information can not differ from the one you typed when registered.
     - there is a difference between username (for example, support) and e-mail address
       (for example, Click for more.
     - check if “JavaScript” and “Cookies” are allowed;
     - try to clean   “Temporary Internet Files”
     - try to clean Cookies (Tools->Internet Options->Delete Cookies ...)
     - if does not help, try to restore the password
     - also possible that if you use the same password in other Internet portal, that was available for hackers attack and as the result unknown persons got your password and other personal information.


Therefore, do not use similar passwords for registration in different Internet portals.

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