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How to enable Cookies

You must accept Cookies so we could identify you in inbox.lv system. Do as fallows:

     1. Click on „Tools”, then „Internet Options”
     2. Activate window „Privacy”, and set to „High”.
     3. push the button „OK”.

     1. click „Tools”, then „Options...”
     2. in the field „Privacy” click on „Cookies” and set as „Allow sites to set cookies” or „Enable All Cookies” or „Enable cookies based on privacy settings”.

     3. Then push the button „OK”.

     1. click „Tools”, then „Preferences”
     2. then in the window find section „Advanced”, then – „Cookies”
     3. set „Accept cookies with incrrect path”

     1. push „Edit”, then „Advanced”
     2. in the field „Cookies” set „Accept all cookies”

     After that try to log on one more time. If your browser asks weather to accept Cookies, answer positive „Accept” every time.
     There might be a situation that there has set a function to reject all Cookies. In this case use your browsers „Help” to configure Cookies.

If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to support@inbox.lv