Photo sharing

  1. open the album,
  2. choose and open the photo You want to send,
  3. above the photo click on the icon  "Share this photo/video with your friend",

  1. in a new window in a field "Friend's e-mail" ented e-mail address or choose the recipient from the drop-down menu,
  2. in a field "Your message" You can add an extra information,
  3. then press "Send" to send the link to the photo, or "Cancel" to cancel.


It should be noted that in order to share a photo, your album should be “public”, “hidden” or “password protected” (if the album is “password protected”, the password for the album will be indicated in the letter). Please note that you will not see the button "Share this photo/video with your friend" if access level of the album is set to "private."

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