Warning for password transmission.

    Many of us, perhaps even more than once is faced with spam messages, which promise multi-million profit, or something else. By the assistance of these letters, fraudsters is trying to coax information about your personal data.

    Unfortunately, not all users are able to discern deception in these letters and sends his personal information to strangers or system robots.

    This action sequences are irreversible - occurs overloaded user's e-mail boxes, because on his email comes in an infinite number of spam and disclosure of information to third persons could lead to material losses.

    Inbox.lv team is constantly working on user's personal data protection. Among the many changes on increasing the level of personal data protection, we added new sensitive informational alert which appears when you are trying to sent a letter.




    This warning appears when message made by user, contains information about password or other important data about user. Alert has informational nature, because the final decision always stays on the user's responsibility.

    Of course, in some cases, the system may erroneously show this message, but we are working on it, to make the system work more and more effectively.

    If you don't want to further receive such notice, please click on Do not show this and close the window selecting one of the proposed activities – Cancel or Send

Attention! If you recieve message, where is required your password, resend it to support@inbox.lv. Users who send a letter with such a request or ask other users mailboxes passwords will be blocked.

Remember that we will never ask you to send e-mail password!

In case you did not find your answer contact us