Mail-programs (pop3/smtp) in my mobile phone

Client programs options that are used in your mobile phone stay the same. For example, in Outlook they are:

- E-mail address:
- Username: login

- POP3 server:
- IMAP server -

- SMTP server:​

Port of POP3s server: 995 (using SSL encryption) More about POP3s
Port of IMAPs server: 993 (using SSL encryption)
Port of SMTPs server with TLS support: 587 or 25 (More about TLS)

*These ports are closed to use for security reasons: POP3 port 110. More

If your client-programm does not supports SSL encryption, then you can use only settings shown here. But! Before you use those settings, we strongly recommend you to get sure that your programm really does not supports SSL!


For free users there are email sending restrictions on SMTP server – max 15 emails per hour.

To use SMTP server on it is necessary to activate authentification of SMTP server. More about SMTP authentification
To work with the mail program via POP3\IMAP\SMTP protocols, you need to use another password for your email, which you will see immediately after activating POP3\IMAP access.

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