Link to the file

Each file that You save on  Inbox Files has a reference (link), which can be used by You, Your friends or acquaintances at any time can download the file. This link to the file can be placed in the news, blogs, comments, or other Internet pages. If You share a file through a link to it, access to the file will always be controlled by You.

To get the link to a file download:

  1. make the file available to the public (for more details see "File sharing")
  2. then click on the file name
  3. in the drop-down menu, select "Edit sharing"
  4. the pop-up window, in the "Link to the file" will see a link to the file,
  5. for further work copy the link here, or You can just send a link by clicking the "Share & send"



You can share file by clicking on the "Start sharing" icon. Then above file list You will see a message containig link to this file.


When opening Your link other users will see the following information:


If you close access to this file, users, opening up your link, will see the following message:


Note that the public files become public, and the download link can be forwarded on without Your permission.

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