How is the user identified on related portal?

Related portal - any portal that uses InboxID

  1. Related portal communicates with using checkid_setup method. In this checkid_setup mode related portal redirects the user to where identifies the end user.
  2. Method to identify a user, using the InboxID is the same as for asking for a username and password for user account.
  3. then asks the user to confirm whether the user wishes to provide information to the related portal.
  4. After confirmation, the user will be automatically redirected to the related portal page, and authorization with InboxID will be successfully completed.
  5. To ensure that the authorization was made with the InboxID, related portal must make additional demand (check_authentication), to make sure that the data was received directly from the InboxID server.
  6. After a successful check_authentication test, the user is found to be logged in to related portal via InboxID. Each user is assigned a unique InboxID identifier.
  7. The related portal can save a session or if it is the user's first connection time to the portal, ask additional information necessary to complete the registration.

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