What is the inbox files +

Inbox Files - is a paid service for storing and sharing files, which offers advanced features for storing all Your files.
The size of the file storage on Your profile is depending on the type of subscription:

  • Silver - 25 Gb
  • Gold - 50 Gb
  • Platinum - 100 Gb

Validity of any subscription - 1 year.  Here You can find out more information about how to connect this service.
Regardless of the type of subscription, for all the Inbox Files + users is available parallel file download. This means that You can simultaneously download more than one file at the same time.
Please note that the maximum size of a uploaded file is still 2.5 Gb, however there is supported any file type upload.
If You already use a Silver or Gold subscription, You can buy a better subscription (for Silver is available Gold and Platinum; for Gold there is available only Platinum).

When obtaining new subscription periods of subscriptions are not summing. Here You can find out more information about the rules of use.
After the end of the subscription, You can renew it. If the subscription is not renewed, Your profile will automatically receive the status of Inbox Files with the quota 10 Gb. If Your profile is full, you can not save new files.

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