What is the e-mail address identifier (for lmt users)?

To be able to receive text messages from an e-mail, You need a special permanent e-mail address. It looks like this - XXXXXX@sms.lmt.lv.

XXXXXX - Your e-mail address identifier or part of the address to the @ sign.

You can choose the identifier itself or it may be assigned by LMT.

For new users this address is assigned at the time the service is activated (when a message E+ is sent for the first time to the number 29319915).

Identifier can be a combination of freely chosen letters, numbers and allowed characters:

  • Symbols - from 5 to 20
  • Starts with a letter
  • No more than four digits
  • May include characters: period (.), dash (-), and underscore (_)

To receive this e-mail address, send a request message to the number 29319915


ADRESE - You will receive an identifier assigned by LMT.

ADRESE preferred identifier - You will receive an e-mail address with Your specified identifier.

Please note!

In case the address already exists (exactly as used by someone else), we will provide another one in the reply message. If the provided e-mail address doesn't seem attractive, You can re-send the message and enter a different e-mail address identifier.

In case of questions - ask LMT operators.

Detailed information is available on the LMT website: http://www.lmt.lv/lv/iszinu-pakalpojumi?fid=313

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What is the e-mail address identifier (for LMT users)?