Android Studio program for application error detection


In some cases, in order to find out the causes of the unusual problem and fix it, the technical service requires more detailed information, which can only be obtained with your help.

Due to the fact that this problem is specific and detected only on your computer, we suggest you to use a special program calledAndroid Studio,by which you can find out the error that occurred in the application. To help the technical department determine the cause of the problem, please follow the instructions below.


Activate Developer Options on your phone:

Make sure your phone has Developer Options. To each phone Developer Options activation may be different, in most cases, they can be activated as follows:

  1. Open the phone Settings -> About phone -> Build number and quickly double-click on Build number,until a message appears on the screen “You are now a developer”,
  2. In the Settings section, open Developer Options -> Debugging and verify that you have enabled USB debugging.

(!) Huawei P9 phones, you can do the following.


Install the Android Studio application on your computer:

  1. Download the Android Studio on your computer. After clicking on the link, the program will automatically download to your computer, but if that does not happen - save the file manually.
  2. After a successful download, open the program and wait until the notification “Do you want to run this file? appears on the screen. When the notification appears, click on button “Run”.
  3. The program does not require any special configuration - install everything that is required with standard parameters.
  4. After the program are launched, click File -> New -> New Project, until the "Create New Project" window appears on your screen. When this happens, click Next -> Next ->select Empty activity -> Finish. After completing these steps, a new window called "My Applications" will be opened.


        ​5. Close the "Main" and "activity_main.xml" pages next to (on the right);


        6. Navigate all directories to the left and activate only Gradle Scripts,

        7. At the bottom of the page, click on "Android Monitor"

        8. Connect the phone to the USB cable. When the phone is connected to the USB cable and the message "Allow USB debugging?" appears, press OK

        9. After clicking on OK -> on your screen starts to display debug info, in the tab "Android Monitor",

           10. Open the application,

           11. Clear all debug info on your computer by clicking on the "Clear logcat" icon. The debug information must be cleared in order to have only the required error information available.


              12. Try to repeat the problem,

              13. If the application succeeds in repeating the error:

  • Immediately remove the USB cable from your phone,
  • On the right side of Android Monitor (where Verbose is displayed), you must click on the down arrow and select "Debug" and "Error"

  • Select "Debug" and copy all the information that is "logcat" in the .txt file,
  • Select "Error" and copy all information that is "logcat" pages in another .txt file

             14. Send two .txt files to us at email  with a brief description or as an answer to our letter.

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