The contents of the mailbox


In the left sidebar You can see a list of all folders - Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, Documents and others. Simply click on the title to get inside the folder. Number of letters in a folder can be found in the information line, which is located inside a folder (in the upper right corner, next to "Move").


 Unread messages in the folder are shown in bold and blue.


Answered letters are green and are marked with a green bubble.


 Forwarded messages are marked with a violet bubble, they will not change mails background.


mportant messages have red background, and these are marked with the "!" sign


The field to set the check box, is needed to select one or several letters, and perform operations such as: "Mark as", "Move" or "Delete."

Next to the theme of the letter can be seen a "clip" icon - this means that the message has attachments. To view a list of attached files You need to open the letter.

By default, all messages in folders are sorted by date of receipt of the letter in the mailbox, You can change the sorting method by date, sender, subject, or size, just clicking on one of the toolbars options. An arrow will show if the the sorting is done by ascending or descending.

You can change the number of letters on a page with going under "Options: Interface Features". The minimum number of letters on the page is 10 letters maximum number - 100.

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